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PDX Male Reach-Around Stroker Masturbator

$79.99 USD
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This crazy floppy dong gives incredible pleasure combinations with a tight butt hole and realistic penis. Well, not really a realistic penis. A realistic one is typically a lot smaller than this. This thing is pretty big but that’s what makes it so cool. When your dick is in it and you're jerking it, it’s like you got a huge cock and ALL guys want a HUGE penis … even if you already got a huge one! This just makes it huger! Oh ya and the big old floppy balls tickle as they bounce off your butt hole while you’re jerking. It’s HILARIOUS!

Created with ultra-soft Fanta Flesh material, the inner sleeve wraps your shaft with intense textured stimulation. The life-like veiny exterior allows for a secure grip and easy squeezing.

You’re probably gonna buy this to masturbate with BUT if by some miracle, you actually find someone that would have sex with you, you could wear this on your dick and fuck them with it. They’d think you had a crazy huge cum canon! That would be FREAKING AWESOME!


Deep anal textured stroker
Big ole realistic floppy balls
Life-like cock

Ideal Penis Size

The ideal penis size for this sex toy is good for lengths up to 8 inches and ANY girth below 6 inches around.