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Leten Turbo X Automatic Stroker

$149.00 USD
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The Leten Turbo X is a super compact Automatic Blowjob Machine you can take and use ANYWHERE! You can literally stick this powerful pumping pocket pussy IN YOUR POCKET.

Lube it up and sink your stick into the soft TPE inner sleeve and let it do all the work. Just hold on for a wild pleasure ride!

The Leten Turbo X pumps from 200 strokes per min to 300 strokes per minute. If you don’t like it FAST then don’t get this.  It also has sexy Asian women voices to turn you on. Just plug your headphones into the headphone jack.

IMPORTANT! USE LOTS OF LUBE and IF UNIT STOPS, just pull it off and count to 5 and it will start back up again. DO NOT hit any buttons if this happens. Just let it work itself out and things WILL be okay.

Sex Toy Powder is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this toy, especially when putting the sleeve back in after washing.


10 Different Settings
5 Different Speeds
5 Customized Modes (Various Speed and Intervals)
Heats up to 100 Degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius)
Sounds: Sexy Female Moaning Voices
USB Rechargeable
Headphone Jack


ABS Plastic Outer Case
TPE Inner Sleeve
Measures: 8 Inches Tall x 3 Inches Diameter
Weight:2 lbs
5 Customized Modes (Various Speed and Intervals)

Ideal Penis Size

Ideal dick sizes from 3.5 in round to no bigger than 4.5 in round dicks.