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Leten Thrusting-Pro Masturbator

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This is THE ULTIMATE automatic goo gobbler!

The Leten Thrusting Pro is the CRAZIEST automatic male stroker machine we’ve seen in a long time!  At full speed, it’s insanely fast! The fastest we’ve seen so far. 700 Strokes per min. at full speed and 400 strokes per min at medium speed to give you an idea.

10 Speeds

100 Strokes per minute to freaking LUDICROUS Speed 400 strokes per minute!

10 Modes

The First 5 are different stroke lengths. From short to very long. It’s the widest range we’ve seen on any blowjob toy.

The next five are variable frequency. They do different patterns.

At any time in any mode you can also adjust the speed.

You can find the perfect position then set the speed from there.

It’s also got 5 Different Stroke positions - Stroke at the base of your dick, the middle or even the outermost part. Find one that works best for you then adjust the speed. 

The Leten Thrusting Pro comes with 2 Sleeves. One open ended so you can have ANY length dick and the other is closed ended.

This thing even has a Phone Holder for your porn or phone calls with your grandmother

Dual handles for precision control.


Power Supply: USB-C
Product Material: ABS, TPE
Product Size: 12.6 x 7 x 10.6 in - or - 320x180x270mm
Accessories: 1 device, 1 phone holder, 2 TPE sleeves, 1 manual, 1 charging cable, 1 lube sample
Weight: 5.5lbs.

Ideal Penis Size

Great for penises between 4 and 5.5 inches around. If your penis is like 3.5 inches around or smaller then it probably won’t fit that tight.