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Control Beginner Male Ring

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Pro Performance C-Rings are flexible rings created to hug the penis and testicles providing just the right amount of pressure to extend performance and intensify orgasms. The beginner ring is made from a soft, stretchy formula making it easy to put on and just as easy to take off. Worn together or separately, Pro Performance C-Rings provide genuine versatility and strength allowing for prolonged and powerful pleasure.

Pro Performance C-Rings can help combat Erectile Dysfunction (ED): The C-rings can be worn around the base (together or separately) to restrict blood flow and help extend erections. When worn around the testicles, c-rings can help erections last for a longer period and can create a stronger climax.


Main Ring Outer Diameter: 2.3 inches, Depth: 1.6 inches. Inner Diameter: 1.2 in.
Tightening Ring: Outer Diameter: 2 inches. Depth: 0.6 inches. Inner Diameter: 0.9 inches