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Top 5 Sex Toys For Men

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THE top sex toy for men is a TPE or Silicone Sex Doll. Other sex toys feel great but the sex dolls come closest to feeling like sex with a real woman. Sex dolls usually have 3 holes to have sex with. They aren’t for everyone because they’re more expensive than most other sex toys. Sex dolls can cost from $500 to upwards of $6000 and even more. The lifelike silicone sex doll is our pick for best sex toy for men.

Our number 2 sex toy for men is the Leten Space Capsule. The Space Capsule is a pocket pussy that feels like a real vagina. It’s comparable to to a Tenga Flip Hole but has 2 holes instead of one. You can also stick your penis through this sex toy and it won’t bottom out AND it’s super easy to clean.

The Tenga Flip Hole is our 3rd pick for best sex toy for men. This pocket pussy feels really good. The price is around $60 to $80, a bit higher than most other pocket pussies but it’s worth it for the most part. This Tenga Flip Hole has been one of our favorites since it came out.

The Autoblow  is our number 4 pick for best sex toy. It’s an automatic blowjob machine, also called an auto stroker. Autoblows really work and they go for around $150. Pretty good price for an automatic sex toy where you can go hands free

The Twerking Butt by Porn Hub is number 5 on our list. It’s a great sex toy for men but isn’t cheap. It goes for around $800 for the deluxe version with heat. Without heat, it goes for around $500. It’s a realistic and life-sized soft fleshy booty that has 2 holes for you to have sex with, the vagina and the butthole.

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