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Better than the Space Capsule

The Leten Space Capsule is a great sex toy, BUT now we have something EVEN BETTER! We recommend purchasing the MIGYY Dual-Ended Flip Cup instead. We've found it provides the same amount of pleasure in a more durable shell and it costs the same price. The MIGYY Flip Cup is an even better deal!

Same Price - Better Quality!

  • Incredible Sensation
  • Larger Diameter
  • Longer Stroke Path
  • Stronger Construction
  • Easy to Clean

MIGYY Wave Stroker Sex Toy For Men


Feels Better Than A Human Hole!

Leten Space Capsule has…

  • Lifelike and tight, fleshy real vagina feel
  • 2 different interiors to choose from (Red & Purple)
  • 2 holes for multiple texture experiences
  • Double pressure point buttons to manually vary pressure
  • Flip open case for Fast & Easy Cleaning
  • Inside made of high quality TPE soft, non-toxic and odorless
  • Outside case made of durable ABS plastic
  • Size: 183*75mm,100% waterproof, dual channel
  • Packaged in discreet box
  • Fast & Free Shipping to USA
  • Shipped From USA

High Tech Futuristic Artificial Vagina

Inside there are hundreds of soft and squishy, nubs, grooves, and pleats that pleasure your pussy pumper like NO OTHER sex toy! It feels INCREDIBLE … maybe even better than the real thing!

Don't Forget Lube!



When Done, Just Flip Open and Rinse To Clean

…or just leave it all gooey cuz you’ll be using it again shortly anyway! LOL! Seriously, have you ever tried cleaning a Fleshlight? Ya gotta pull the sloppy sleeve out, turn it inside out, scrub it down, then hang it somewhere to dry, flip it back  and THEN you wrestle it back into the container!

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Maintaining Your Sex Toys IS important because bacteria can build up and can infect you the next time you use it.   You should thoroughly wash and dry them  after each use.  Sex Toys can also degrade and rot over time. Below is a basic guide to sex toy cleaning and maintenance that will help keep your toys safe for a long time to “cum”.


  1. Thoroughly clean after every use
  2. Always use water based lube. Oil or Silicone based lube can damage sex toys.
  3. Keep separate from other toys when storing
  4. Don’t share this material with a partner

How to Clean

  1. Rinse thoroughly with hot water or clean with Sex Toy cleaner. Make sure to get inside all nooks and crannies.
  2. Wipe down with a clean dry cloth or durable paper towel and insert it as far as you can reach internally.
  3. Leave toy out to completely dry, especially the inside tunnels
  4. Once toy is completely dry, dust the outside with cornstarch powder or sex toy renewal powder
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