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Leten Future Pro User Guide

Step 1

Orient the Future Pro so you’re looking at it while using it. All writing and symbols should be right side up.

Step 2

Plug the power cord into the power jack and plug the other end into an AC-powered wall socket.

Step 3

Pull the cover/dryer-insert off the unit.

Step 4

If the sleeve is NOT at the bottom, press the position button downward for bottom position. Sleeve will move to bottom position. This is how you should start.

Step 5

Apply lube to the inside of the sleeve.

Step 6

Hold the Future Pro and slide it all the way onto your unit.

Step 7

While holding the Future Pro steady, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.
The Future Pro will start stroking and the red LED around the Power button will light up.
While the Future Pro is stroking, you can press the power button to pause then press again to restart. To power off, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds while it is stroking.
If you hit buttons and Future stops but red outline LED around buttons is on, hit the power button so red outline LED goes off then hit the “+” button to get it stroking again.


Press the “+” button to scroll through each of the 10 stroke settings.

Press the “-” button to scroll back through stroke settings. The 10th press will stop the stroking.

** If you hit the “-” button without hitting the “+” button when you first turn it on, it will pause the stroking and you have to hit the “+” button to get it stroking again.

  1. Continuous stroke at slow speed
  2. Continuous stroke at medium speed
  3. Continuous stroke at fast speed
  4. Continuous stroke at fastest speed
  5. Combination of varied speeds and timing
  6. Combination of varied speeds and timing
  7. Combination of 2 different speeds
  8. Combination of varied speeds and timing
  9. Combination of varied speeds and timing
  10. Stroking will start slow, build speed then slow down again and repeat

Pressure Adjust

Press and hold Pressure button downward to increase pressure. You will hear a slight clicking when it’s as tight as it goes.

Press and hold button up to release pressure. This should take less than 2 seconds to release completely.


If you want the moaning sounds, press the sound button while it’s in motion.

Press the Sound button a second time to get the next voice sounds. Press the Sound button a third time to get the third voice. Pressing a fourth time will go back to the first voice.

Raise and lower the volume with the dial. Left for louder and right to lower.

You can plug your headphones in the jack on the upper right so nobody else hears.



If unit won’t start stroking and red outline around buttons is lit.
Press power button so red LED outline around buttons goes out.
Press “+” button.
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