Best Ways To Masturbate

Oct 18, 2018

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Helpful Tips Before You Masturbate

  1. Don’t bother wasting your time trying to have sex with jello or fruit. There just isn’t enough tightness to make your penis feel good. It DOESN’T WORK.
  2. NEVER use, shampoo, or conditioner for lubrication. It WILL end up in your peehole and burn like hell the next time you take a piss.
  3. Don’ forget lube! It will make masturbating even better!

sex with watermelon

soap in peehole

masturbation lube

Masturbating by Hand

You usually jerk off with your dominant hand. You can make your hand feel like a wet vagina by greasing it up with some lubrication such as spit, hand lotion. We have something even better than those!

The Top 5 Best Ways To Masturbate

  1. STRANGER HAND – Sit on your hand until it falls asleep and goes numb and tingly, then masturbate with it. This will feel like someone else is jerking you off.

    stranger hand masturbation

  2. CHICKEN WING – Stick your penis inside of your elbow then flap your arm like a chicken flaps its wing. You can use go dry or use lube.

    chicken wing masturbation

  3. LOVE GLOVES – Masturbating with a glove on your hand makes it feel more like someone else’s hand or actually a vagina, depending on the glove. There are MANY different gloves you can try for different sensations. One of the best love gloves is the Flubber Glove. Fill a rubber glove with warm water while you’re wearing it and seal it with a rubber band at your wrist so water doesn’t leak out. When you masturbate with this, it will feel like a fat girl’s hand jerking you off.

    love gloves

    love glove

  4. GLAD BAG BANG – Put a plastic sandwich bag between 2 cushions, apply some lube and have sex with it like a real girl.

    sex with sandwich bag

  5. FIFI – You can make a toy vagina called a Fifi, out of a rubber glove, rubber bands, and a cup and masturbate with it. It feels more like having sex that using just your hand.A Gummy Vagina is like a Fleshlight and feels like a real vagina! You can make one with a pool noodle, rubber bands and a glove. This is a GREAT DIY sex toy for very little money.

    homemade pocket pussy

Now you have a bunch of different best ways to masturbate. Try them out and come up with your own twists. They should keep you busy for a while. If these aren’t good enough, step up to some real sex toys like a pocket pussy, masturbation cup or sex doll.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]