Best Sex Toys For Men

This is the latest and most inclusive list of THE BEST Sex Toys For Men. These Male Sex Toys range from Pocket Pussies to Sex Dolls and MANY things in between. The list includes categories, descriptions, pictures, videos, and links to buy them. Many of these Adult Toys are for masturbation and there are some you can use for straight or gay couples sex.

Types of Sex Toys For Men

Sex Toys for guys range from expensive full sized dolls to have sex with, to small inexpensive mini pocket pussies. Most of these adult toys are made of soft rubbery materials like Silicone and TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer). They typically have a squishy , stretchy hole that simulates the feel of a human vagina or butthole. This article is the most comprehensive collection of sex toys for men and will describe and show what’s currently available. The article covers sex toys you can buy as well as homemade sex toys.

Pocket Pussies & Male Strokers

Price Range $20 - $200

A Pocket Pussy also known as a Male Stroker is a handheld sex toy that you can have sex with by jerking it up and down on your penis. It was originally designed to look and feel like a woman’s vagina but can now look and feel like a female OR male mouth or anus. Some pocket pussies have no visual similarities to human anatomy at all. Either way, they’re all considered pocket pussies.

Pocket pussies can range from around $20 for a cheap pocket pussy that's soft sleeve to well over $100 for a high tech Flip Cup design. Some companies make electric motion and vibrating versions that can cost even more.

BIGBANG Black Hole Masturbation Cup


Loveaider Enjoy It Masturbation Cup


Galaku SCREW Masturbation Cup


Automatic Blowjob Machines

Price Range $150 - $500

One of THE GREATEST inventions ever is the Automatic Blowjob Machine. It’s an electric pocket pussy or male stroker sex toy that jerks your penis up and down automatically.  Apply lubrication, stick your penis in and let it jerk you off until you orgasm, essentially giving you a mechanical blowjob. BEWARE! Many cheap automatic blowjob machines are just too weak for effective masturbation. The Leten Future Pro is probably the best blowjob sex toy for the money right now.

Body Parts

Price Range $40 - $500

If a full sized sex doll is out of your price range, you can buy variations of dolls with no arms and legs, torsos only, butts only and crazy variations of combined parts like foot/vagina and boobs/vagina/butt. These usually have the same realistic fleshy feel but can be much cheaper and a lot easier to hide. Some options on these body part sex toys include, electronic vibrators, heat and sexy voice audio.

Water Pussy

Water Pussy


Masturbation Gloves

Price Range $10 - $50

Love Gloves or Masturbation Gloves are typically soft, rubbery bumpy textured gloves for you to masturbate with.  Jerking off with these usually feels just like … jerking off with a bumpy glove. At least it’s better than your hand but that’s about it!


Price Range $20 - $300

Blow-up dolls are thin walled plastic inflatable dolls. The orifices intended for sex are not very realistic and not that great for sex. They used to be more of a gag gift at bachelor parties rather than actually having sex with. These cheap dolls are still available BUT some inflatable sex dolls now come with inserted vaginas that are more like a pocket pussy. Although more realistic orifices on these dolls does step up the experience, the rest of the doll still feels like inflated plastic. Some Blow-Up Doll options include realistic hands and feet, wigs, more realistic face, insertable vaginas, mouths and anuses.


Sex Dolls

Price Range $400 - $10,000

Sex Dolls are life sized dolls with soft realistic feeling flesh (Silicone or TPE material) covering  poseable metal frames. They have very lifelike textured orifices such as vaginas, mouths, and anuses to have sex with.


These lifelike love dolls come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. You can even custom build your perfect mate by choosing your favorite ethnicity, hair and eye color, breast size, height, butt size, pubic hair length and color, and vagina labia style.  You can also find pregnant, elf, and vampire sex dolls. (Table of pics with titles - pregnant, elf, vampire) There are companies that will custom build ANY fantasy doll you can dream up.


Companies like,,,, and now make AND sell Artificial Intelligent robot sex dolls! These dolls can talk and respond to questions. Some even have electronically sensored G-spots and let you know if you’re doing a good job, sexually.

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